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  • Upper : Textile
  • Information
    Closure :

       Snap fastening

       Button fastening

    Composition :

       Other : 72%

       Cotton : 28%

    Care advice :

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    INVASION | A Scifi photo series by Patrick McPheron
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    In the summer of 1961,

    Dnm Wmn Bff star Arc Shirt Raw G Blue THE STRUGGLING CITY OF OAK HILL

    invited the The Infinity Corporation in with open arms.

    Jobs were promised


    and in the Fall of 1961, production of Marva began

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    In fact, people toiled


    at the Infinity Corporation

    Raw Blue Arc Dnm star Wmn G Bff Shirt Something very dark

    G Raw Wmn Blue Arc Shirt Dnm star Bff


    and soon everyone would know about it

    Inspired by the sci-fi films and TV shows of the 1950s and 1960s, INVASION picks up where storytellers like Ray Bradbury left off and jettisons us to a retro-futuristic society inhabited by beautiful humans, diabolical masterminds and alien life forms both organic and synthetic. At the end of the day, INVASION is a classic tale of survival… it’s just told through big wigs, outrageous villains and technicolor sets.


    This sci-fi extravaganza features some favorite faces from the world of entertainment. Author and the Party Monster himself, James St. James plays “Dr. Milton Vincent”, the devilish CEO of the Infinity Corporation. RuPaul’s Drag Race favorite Tammie Brown will startle you as Mrs. Esther Maxine Vincent. Keep an eye out for multi-platinum Drum And Bass Producer DJ Rap. You’ll be enraptured when you see comedian and “The Worlds Best Christian” Deven Green strike a pose as “The Queen.”


    On August 1, 2015 Patrick McPheron took over HNYPT in downtown Los Angeles and turned it into the Infinity Corporation Laboratories.

    With a spine-tingling soundtrack and a whole cast of wonderfully insane characters from the series, McPheron brought his sci-fi photo series INVASION to life in a way not often seen in photography exhibits. With a line stretched down the block at opening, more than 350 people came out to experience this special event.

    Artist Statement | CV
    INVASION Extended Media Release